October 28, 2013

Selling to a Mass Market

One of things I discovered after launching the Nivo Slider WordPress Plugin was that the people who bought the plugin were not the people that I had expected to buy the plugin.

I imagined that the kind of people that would buy the plugin would be all of the developer types that I follow on Twitter. Given the technical aspect and complexity of sliders (i.e. you need to know three programming languages to implement one, which probably means you are a web developer) I figured that these would be the only kind of people that would buy a plugin like this.

What actually happened surprised me a bit. Loads of people bought the plugin, and not just web developers. Plenty of “Web Designer DIY” types and even just people who were using WordPress to create a website bought the plugin.

What I realised was that I had created a product that didn’t just cater for a niche (in this case web developers), but I had created a product that had “mass market” appeal. The product was popular and I had made the entry barrier low enough that anyone could buy the plugin and have a slider up and running on their website in minutes.

Obviously it would be great if all of the products we launch had “mass market’ appeal. Most of the time this isn’t the case, but remember your customers probably aren’t going to be the people that you imagine they might be. You probably will not know who they are or where they come from, and you certainly won’t get to know your audience until you start selling your product. So if you’re sitting there waiting to hit the “launch” button, do it now.

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