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Gilblog #6

On this week’s show: SpinupWP: More work on technical debt and changing primary domain feature. Surveyr: In holding pattern to see if the product will become vaiable. I’m building a new CMS! This one is going to have a focus on developer and user experience. I want the admin UI to be slick. PicoCMS Baun…

Gilblog #5

On this week’s show: SpinupWP: Deployed 2FA and password authentication plus some wireframing and “technical debt” relief. Surveyr: Laravel News Links provided ~1000 hits, 8 sign ups, and my first non-beta paying customer! FlexMasonry: A lightweight masonry (cascading grid layout) library powered by flexbox. Inspired by this article by Tobias Ahlin.

Gilblog #4

On this week’s show: SpinupWP: Finished working on 2FA, fixing bugs, password authentication for site users. Surveyr: launched Slack alerts and the hard part about building a SaaS (for me): finding your first customers (sales & marketing).

Gilblog #3

On this week’s show: SpinupWP: Building 2FA using Twilio and this package. Surveyr: Not implementing “obvious” features when building an MVP and trying to enhance “peace of mind” in the app. Duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction.

Gilblog #2

On this week’s show: SpinupWP: Launching site backups and improving our “new site” flow UX. Surveyr: Preparing to launch an app takes time, picking pricing plans, and the public beta is now live 🎉 Google Stadia: The future of gaming?

Gilblog #1

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