Why You Should Always be Transparent on the Web

Published 29th March 2010

Being transparent is always a good thing. People will begin to trust you and, more importantly, your brand if you are consistently honest. Users will trust you more and hence be more inclined to read, or even buy, your stuff. But there is another reason that you should be transparent and honest with everything you do on the web, and it’s only become apparent with the rise in popularity of social networks.

According to a Career Builder.com survey 45% of employers now use social networking sites to research job candidates. Over at WorkAwesome, Stephanie Lewis recently posted a few tips on how to Maintain a Good Online Reputation and this advice should be heeded by everyone. However, this can be avoided completely by being transparent with everything you do online, which should really be the case anyway when you consider how easy it is to access information about people nowadays.

So really my advice is “if in doubt, don’t put it online” and be transparent with everything you do.