1 December 2021

Web Dev Advent 2021

In typical last minute fashion, I've decided to get into the festive spirit and do a "web development" advent newsletter this year. Each day of advent I'm going to highlighting a web development tool, tip, or app that I use or recommend in my day-to-day development.

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I'll also keep this article updated with links to each post.

  1. Warp Terminal
  2. Oh My Zsh
  3. Fig
  4. VS Code
  5. TablePlus
  6. Paw
  7. DevUtils
  8. Setapp
  9. Laravel
  10. Tinkerwell
  11. Ray
  12. Inertia
  13. Tailwind CSS
  14. Coding Screencasts
  15. Custom CSS Reset
  16. Shadow Palette Generator
  17. Sentry
  18. Fathom
  19. Cloudflare
  20. SpinupWP
  21. Dunked
  22. Iconic
  23. Lemon Squeezy
  24. Merry Christmas

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