Published 6th July 2012

It seems like everyone is building minimal weather apps these days. Personally I’ve been wanting to make a Weather app for the iPhone for a while now. I’ve not quite built up enough skills to make a native app yet, so I’ve decided to make a web app called Weatherrr which you can add to your iPhone home screen and use as a weather app.

Weatherrr is built using the latest HTML5 technologies and CSS3 techniques. It makes use of Geolocation (to find out where you are) and localStorage (to cache API calls and remember user temperature selection), as well as other jQuery functions like getJSON. Also because it’s a web app, you can use it anywhere, not just on your iPhone.

The design of Weatherrr is simple and minimal. The icons were provided by the awesome Climacons set by Adam Whitcroft, and the background colour of the app changes depending on the current temperature.

So head on over and check out Weatherrr and let me know what you think.