Time is an Expensive Luxury

Published 24th May 2011

One thing I am beginning to realise as I get older is that life seems to move faster. Between a full-time job, being married, BioThemes, Dev7studios and all the other side projects I’m working on, my time is being squeezed tighter and tighter. This morning I was sitting thinking about my goals for life and I realised that one of things I want most is the expensive luxury of more time.

Being a Christian I am not compelled by greed or an obsession with wealth. So while it is nice to be in a comfortable financial position, it is certainly not one of my goals for life. Rather I realise how important it is to be spending time with other people, especially the ones I love, and for this I require time, time that is usually eaten up trying to gather wealth of status.

So I’ve realised that what I’m really working for at the moment it to be able to afford the expensive luxury of more time. I want to be able to afford to work less and spend more time with others. I know there is a bit of a paradox in there as you can only gain more free time by working harder to get more money to afford to have free time. However if I can be in the position in say 20 years that I don’t need to work as much, and I can spend my quality time with the people I love, I will have achieved one of my goals for life.