October 11, 2011

The Next Chapter

For the last 3 years (excluding my final year of uni in-between) I’ve been working as a Software Engineer with a company that specialise in North Sea Oil and Gas. While the job has been enjoyable enough, as time has gone on, one thing has become very clear. I don’t want to work in this industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a degree in Software Engineering and I love programming. But working in the Oil and Gas industry is not where I want to be. As you can see by my portfolio of work, web development is where my passion lies. I love it. Always have. And since the beginning of Uni, I’ve always been doing it, no matter where I’ve been. I’ve always been doing web development in my spare time.

So a few weeks ago when Orman Clark approached me about joining his small team full-time as a Web Developer, I jumped at the chance. Orman has been hugely successful selling his WordPress themes on ThemeForest and uses his amazing design skills to give stuff away at PremiumPixels. So the decision was relatively simple to give up my current job and join Orman’s team.

I’m really looking forward to new challenges and helping Orman build on his, already substantial, success. Not to mention I get to trade in the “Office 9–5, 4 hour commute a day” job for a “work from home, flexible hours” job. So I really can’t wait to start in the second week in November.

Here begins the next chapter…

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