August 27, 2014

The Ideal Image Slider

While a lot people seem to applaud the death of the image slider these days, I still see them used all over the place and I still have to occasionally implement them myself. In short I don’t think they are going away any time soon.

However it has become increasingly hard to pick a decent image slider as the market has become so crowded. There are literally hundreds of image slider plugins, and most of them have WordPress plugin conterparts too. Admittedly I am biased towards the Nivo Slider as I created it and feel partly responsible for kicking the whole trend off in the first place, but it’s good to take a step back every so often and take stock.

So I’ve been thinking recently about what the prefect image slider would look like and what it would contian. More importantly I’ve been thinking about what functionality should be left out of the perfect slider and could maybe be implemented as extensions.

Here is what I think the perfect slider would look like:

  • HTML5 (SEO optimised)
  • CSS3 transitions (a few simple transitions like slide/fade)
  • Left/Right navigation (including touch/swipe support)
  • Responsive
  • HiDPI (retina) support
  • ARIA support
  • Extremely simple to setup (no dependancies?)
  • Very extensible
  • Uses progressive enhancement
  • Open source (goes without saying)

These are the features that could be added as optional extensions:

  • Themes or skins
  • More tansitions (these should be easy to add)
  • Bullet navigation
  • Thumbnail navigation
  • Full screen slider
  • On-demand loading
  • Video/Audio support

By splitting out the “extra” functionality it should keep the core plugin lightweight and fast. If you have any ideas and suggestions feel free to voice them in the comments.

Update: I built it

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