Supercharge WordPress Plugin

Published 3rd July 2012

WordPress is great. It’s customisable and flexible right out of the box. But there are some things that you always end up tweaking that WordPress doesn’t allow you to do by default. To do it you usually add some extra code to your theme or install a number of plugins to get WordPress working the way you want.

Enter Supercharge WordPress. Supercharge WordPress is a plugin which makes WordPress even more awesome-er by giving you quick access to an array of settings which let you tweak your site in a way you just can’t do normally. From disabling self pings to enabling “Quick Maintenance Mode”, Supercharge WordPress has you covered, all without touching any code!

So today I’m happy to announce the launch of the Supercharge WordPress plugin. Purchase a license to get going and remember to read the blog post for a chance to win a Developer license for free!