May 2, 2022


<p>I've done it again 🤦‍♂️ It all started when I wanted to add a menu to this site. &quot;Simple!&quot;, I thought. The rabbit hole went like this:</p> <ul> <li>I can use <a href="">Headless UI</a> to add a simple menu</li> <li>Headless UI only supports Vue 3</li> <li>My current static site generator (SSG), <a href="">Gridsome</a>, doesn’t support Vue 3</li> <li>I have a look around. It turns out SSG support for Vue 3 is poor at the moment</li> <li>I look for a new SSG. I like the look of <a href="">Jigsaw</a></li> <li>I spend a few days re-building my site with Jigsaw</li> <li>I don’t like some apects of Jigsaw</li> <li>I decide to build my own SSG</li> </ul> <p>4 days later, I have a brand new static site generator I've decided to call <a href="">Staticus</a> 😂 Sometimes, being able to build things yourself is a curse.</p>