Simplified Blogging

Published 2nd May 2013

With the sudden flurry of activity in the world of CMS’s and the increase of “non-database”, markdown powered blogging platforms, I decided it was time to dig out Pico and give it a fresh lick of paint. Not only did I redesign the site but I cleaned up the code, merged some pull requests and basically got the project going again.

It’s great working on open source projects, and there is no better way to test your own work by using it yourself. So as of today I’ve decided to ditch my WordPress powered blog in favor of Pico (nothing quite like eating your own dog food). Pico is seriously lightweight, fast and it means I can blog by simply uploading mardown files straight to my server.

So far it’s actually been pretty nice to work with, and I hope having this site running on Pico will encourage me to keep up the development of the project. So here is to lightweight, markdown blogging!