9 March 2018

Setting up Font Awesome 5 in Laravel using Vue.js

So you have a Laravel app set up and you want to use the new Font Awesome 5 goodness in your Vue.js components. Here’s how you do it.

1. First, install the required packages:

yarn add @fortawesome/fontawesome
yarn add @fortawesome/fontawesome-free-solid
yarn add @fortawesome/fontawesome-free-brands
yarn add @fortawesome/vue-fontawesome

We’re going to use the official Vue component to display the Font Awesome icons in this case.

2. Next, import the base packages and regidster the component (in “resources/assets/js/app.js”):

import fontawesome from '@fortawesome/fontawesome';
import FontAwesomeIcon from '@fortawesome/vue-fontawesome';

Vue.component('font-awesome-icon', FontAwesomeIcon);

3. (Optional) If you want to import the whole icon set(s), instead of importing each icon manually (still in “resources/assets/js/app.js”):

import fas from '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free-solid';
import fab from '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free-brands';

fontawesome.library.add(fas, fab);

4. Use the new “font-awesome-icon” component:

<font-awesome-icon icon="spinner" spin v-if="isLoading" />
<font-awesome-icon :icon="['fab', 'digital-ocean']" />

For more instructions on how to use the “font-awesome-icon” component see the vue-fontawesome docs.

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