Sellwire — The easiest way to sell digital goods online

Published 13th February 2012

Over the past year I’ve had my fair share of experiences with e-commerce systems and selling digital products such as the Nivo Slider. While some products did it better than others, I found none of them really hit the spot. Most of them were geared to towards physical goods for a start, and the ones that did focus on digital sales lacked features.

So with that in mind today I am announcing the launch of Sellwire: the easiest way to sell digital goods online. Sellwire aims to make selling digital goods online as simple as possible, literally upload a file and share a link, and takes care of the complex e-commerce payment gateways and tracking stuff so that users can focus on making great products.

Sellwire is a “scratch my own itch” solution to a problem I’ve experienced lately, and I hope others might find it just as useful as I have. So if you are interested why not head on over and check it out.