SellAFile — My 24 Hour Side Project

Published 21st March 2014

So yesterday I announced SellAFile, a new app that allows you to sell a file using your Stripe account. Not a new idea, but one that I felt I could execute well and in a short timeframe.

Yes there are loads of apps that allow you to sell digital goods online. I’ve even made one in the past. However there were certain constraints that I wanted to employ when creating SellAFile:

  • Users had to have a Stripe account so that signup wasn’t required. This also meant I could rely on Stripe doing all the heavy lifting.
  • No PayPal.
  • I didn’t want any complex dashboards, reporting, settings pages etc. Users should just upload a file give it a name, description, price and thats it.
  • It had to be fast and secure.
  • I didn’t want to spend too much time on this project. So I wanted to create the whole thing in 24 hours or less.

I’m happy to say that I managed to achieve all of the above goals. I’ve always been a fast worker when I’m focused but there are certain things I did that helped me achieve all of my goals.

  • I built the app using Laravel (PHP)
  • I used a Git repo on Beanstalk to host the code and handle deployments
  • I used Stipe Oauth and the Stripe Checkout for accounts and processing
  • I used Mailgun for transactional emails
  • I used Typekit for fonts and the free Linecons SVG set for icons

Check out and let me know what yout think.

Update: SellAFile has been discontinued