17 November 2020

Saaze CMS

This site has been powered by many different CMS's over the years. Every so often I would get the urge to build a flat-file CMS in PHP and convert this blog over to whatever I'd built (e.g. Pico, Baun, etc). However, in the end, I'd always move back to WordPress because it's easy to use (even if it is terrible to manage or build with).

Then, a few months back, Jack McDade launched Statamic 3 and I figured it was about time I gave it a go. While I liked the general direction of Statamic as a CMS, I found it to be more convoluted than I expected. Setting up even a basic site with a blog quickly became a serious task and I found myself wanting to give up. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Statamic is great for bigger/more complex sites and I love the work Jack has done with it. But, I found myself wanting something much simpler.

It was then that I decided it was time to build a new flat-file CMS in PHP (yes, another one)! However, this time I wanted it to be different. A few years ago I had built Circulate CMS but it was too simplistic and it never really got off the ground. This time, I was going to sweat the details and do this thing properly.

So, I'm pleased to be able to announce the initial launch of Saaze - An all-inclusive, flat-file CMS for simple websites and blogs. Saaze is not designed to be a replacement for great CMS's, such as WordPress, Statamic, etc. Rather, it's designed to be a smaller, simpler alternative.

Why is there a need for a simpler alternative? WordPress is a great CMS but it can become bloated and a maintenance nightmare for simple sites. Static site builders are fast but normally have a steep learning curve and require lots of tooling to make them work. I believe building a personal site should be stupidly simple. That's why Saaze is built on the following principles:

  • Easy to run - All you need is PHP and Composer
  • Easy to host - Serve dynamically or statically
  • Easy to edit - Edit content using simple Markdown files
  • Easy to theme - Templates use Blade (and optionally PHP)
  • Fast and secure - No database = less moving parts + more speed
  • Simple to understand - Everything is a collection of entries
  • All-inclusive - CLI for easily serving and building your site

I'm calling this the initial (or beta) launch of Saaze because there is still a lot of work I'd like to do on it. In particular, I want to build an awesome control panel that makes the writing and publishing experience top-notch. If you'd like to follow along, put your email in the news form in the footer of saaze.dev and you'll receive release updates in your inbox. You can always follow me on Twitter if that's your thing.

Looking for a demo of Saaze? You're looking at it! This site is already running on it. As is the saaze.dev marketing site. If you do check out Saaze, let me know how you get on.

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