Quick Update

Published 10th August 2011

This blog has been a bit neglected recently but not because I’ve had nothing to write about. I’ve just been too busy to write about it. So here is a quick update of what’s going on.

Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider WordPress plugin sales have been going great, reaching almost 1000 downloads in just over 2 months. I’m working hard on getting the new site design out and launching Nivo Slider Pro, so sign up to the newsletter and keep your eyes peeled for that.


The above success has led to me having to register Dev7studios Ltd as an official company. While purely for financial reasons at the moment, this is a big step towards a personal goal I’m working towards, which is to quit my full-time job and work for myself. I’ll hopefully be in a position to take the “big step” within the next year, so looking forward to that.

Other Stuff

I’ve also had the chance to work with some amazing people in the web design industry recently. I worked with John O’Nolan on BioThemes, I recently finished a small project with James McDonald called DaeIt and I’m currently working with Orman Clark on a small project that I can’t speak about yet.

So all in all I’m very busy (remembering I have a full-time job and am married as well), but loving everything that’s going on right now in all aspects of my life.