My Re-Commitment to Customer Support

Supporting customers is a great experience and is also a key selling point for a lot of good products online. But it can be hard to do, especially when you’re product really begins to grow and become popular. So far this year on the Dev7studios Support forums we’ve had 1,800+ support tickets opened and a whopping 7,200+ comments, and that’s only in the last nine months.

Understandably this became overwhelming quickly and I went through a phase where I just gave up on answering support tickets. It sounds terrible, but I just couldn’t face it any more. Even with someone else helping me out part-time, and using decent support software, I was just burnt out on support (remember that I’ve got a company to run and products to build and maintain on top of this).

But recently I think I’ve finally managed to get into my groove again and am back to answering every support request that comes through my inbox. So how do I do it? My process is actually quite simple. I answer all my support emails first thing in the morning. Then I close my support inbox for the rest of the day. Simple right.

I find that there are a few advantages of doing this:

  • I’m motivated in the morning so I can bash through my support emails pretty quickly.
  • Not checking my support inbox for the rest of the day means I don’t get burnt out constantly checking for new tickets.
  • This way all my support requests get answered, and within a max of 24 hours.
  • The rest of the day I’m more motivated to work as I’m not distracted by support.

I’m not saying this is the only way to provide support to your customers. But this is how I’ve managed to find the balance or providing a decent support to my customers without getting burnt out on support. I’d be interested to hear how others find a balance and manage to deal with high support loads. So how do you do it?