August 2, 2010

I’m Married

If you’ve maybe been wondering why I’ve been so quiet over the last few weeks and if you don’t follow me on twitter then you probably should know that I got married two weeks ago. I’ve been going out with Fiona now for 5 years and we had been engaged for 2 of those.

The wedding was great and I think everyone had a fantastic time. Then we jetted off to a small Greek island called Santorini for our honeymoon. It was a lovely, hot place and we had a great relaxing week.

If you’re interested you can have a look at the official wedding photos or get jealous about our honeymoon photos.

So now I’m back to full time work and getting the interwebs installed in our flat today. So I will be online more often from now on and will hopefully be updating this blog more often aswell.

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