Help Desk Idea: Disaster Mitigation

Published 4th March 2014

Just had an idea this morning for Help Desk software that I’ve never seen before. Say for example you have a meltdown like Groove did recently. Typically you are going to get loads of messages from customers (emails, tweets etc) asking what is happening, and what you are doing about it.

So my idea is simple. Have some way of segregating customers who are reaching out into some “Disaster Mitigation” group where you can setup an autoresponsder that emails them as soon as they are added to the group explaining what is happening. Then any future updates about the situation can be posted to the group, emailing everyone in bulk instead of individually. When the situation is resolved the group can be “closed” (maybe with a final bulk message) and everything goes back to normal.

Thinking about this, you may well be able to do this manually (using tags + macros?) with most Help Desk software already, but it would be nice to see it as a full blown feature. Just a thought.