May 10, 2011

Forget the Recession, Start a Business

I was interested to hear Lord Alan Sugar’s opinion when asked about the new season of The Apprentice. Talking about the show’s new prize (£250,000 investment rather than a job) he said:

The reason for that change is because we looked at the climate at the moment and we wanted to demonstrate that it is easier to start a business than you think.

He makes an interesting point about our current culture:

To be frank with you, I wanted to change the format because I want to show the general public you can start a business from scratch. This moaning culture that I refer to is something that needs to be disbanded.

He obviously thinks that people moaning about starting businesses during a recession are not helping the current situation at all. Interestingly enough I also came across an article by Zurb this morning listing companies that were founded during economic downturns, including Apple, Microsoft, Burger King and Disney.

When we launched BioThemes I don’t think we even discussed the recession once. It just wasn’t something that bothered us. So my advice is forget about the recession and don’t be scared to go and start a new business.

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