Dribbble: Thanks, But No Thanks

Published 3rd June 2010

Recently dribbble have been dishing out invites again and the outcome of this is my twitter stream is now filled with people offering invites, but only for people who can prove their awesome design talent. This has even led to designers building custom sites, literally begging people to give them an invite.

While I understand that dribbble is an inspiration site for the very best of the best, in terms of designers, and this is why they encourage such a high entry standard (which has the successful outcome of keeping a high level of quality in the network), I really don’t agree with begging for an invite. I mean come on guys, have some dignity.

Recently I’ve even gone so far as to decide that if I got offered a dribbble invite I would turn it down. Why? Well simply because I don’t think I’m enough of a designer to even join the ranks of the people on dribble. I’m a developer at heart, and dribbble isn’t made for developers.

Instead I’m actually really enjoying being part of the community at forrst. Not only does forrst cater for designers and developers, but there is a great bunch of people on there and it encourages some great discussion and inspiration. Kyle Bragger has done a great job of cultivating the community there and I really like it.

So sorry dribbble, thanks but no thanks.