Coda 2 Quick Review

Published 23rd May 2012

So I’ve been playing around with Coda 2 this morning and am fairly impressed with the improvements that have been made. Here is a summary of my thoughts so far:

The Good

  • The scrolling tab bar and “super sidebar” are nice enhancements to the UI, improving workflow a fair bit.
  • Built in MySQL database is handy.
  • iCloud Sync for Sites & Clips will be very useful if you code on multiple machines.
  • The “Group folders above files” setting in the preferences is a nice addition.
  • You can now group sites.
  • Tabs now work properly.

The Not So Good

  • There is still no way to easily see matching brackets and HTML tags.
  • Clips could appear in the automcomplete menu (ala Sublime).
  • Search is still a bit clunky.
  • Writing HTML could be smoother (see this tweet).

Overall it’s a big improvement and I’ll probably be switching back to Coda from Sublime Text, but not perfect. I’ll keep this list updated as I come across other points of interest.

Bonus: Get some extra colour schemes by Justin Hileman that are compatible with Coda 2.