September 4, 2011

BioThemes Closes

A year after starting development work on BioThemes, and about seven months in business, John O’Nolan and myself have decided to shut down BioThemes. We both feel this is the right decision and neither of us feel upset that we’ve reached this point.

As John has explained:

Essentially Gilbert’s focus has moved back to Nivo Slider, which just relaunched and is doing massively well in sales. Whereas my focus has been torn back to client work and I’m about to take off around the world

BioThemes was always an experiment with a single beta theme — in the end we realised we couldn’t keep up with the competition. Others have the same ideas as us, but they have the resources to make those ideas come to fruition very quickly

So between lack of time and tough competition, BioThemes is no more. We feel like we learnt loads and the experience was definitely not one we regret. But the fact of the matter is, starting up is hard.

Not to worry though. We both have plenty of other things on the go (we are literally both mega busy), and who knows what the future holds.

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