Be Willing to Admit You May Be Wrong

I’ll admit I’ve not really been following this season of the BBC’s The Apprentice but last night I watched the semi-final and was slightly shocked as Sir Alan Sugar begrudgingly fired Neil, who was obviously a big candidate for the win.

The thing that struck me was the fact that almost every one of the interviewers, as well as Alan Sugar himself blatantly told Neil his business plan wouldn’t work, and he didn’t listen. He had so much confidence not only in himself (which is fine to a certain extent) but also in his business idea that he was blind to the fact that it was a bad idea. And ultimately it got him fired.

From a business perspective, believing in ourselves and our ideas is a must, otherwise we won’t even get started. But there comes a time when you must be willing to admit that you may be wrong. Like in this case, if enough trusted and experienced people around you are starting to question your idea then maybe you should too.