Baun: A New Kind of PHP CMS

Published 11th March 2015

Last week I launched Baun, a modern, lightweight, extensible CMS for PHP. It builds on the ethos of my first CMS Pico (which I sold and development has been non-existent) in that there is an emerging market for the “micro” CMS.

PHP based CMS’s like WordPress are great but are now monolithic projects and are just too much hassle for people who want a simple 5 page site and maybe a blog. The popularity of Pico only served to prove that there is a demand in this area. Note that I’m talking about PHP CMS’s here, there are now plenty of Node CMS’s for example, however the Apache + PHP server setup is still hugely popular making PHP CMS’s easy to install.

So what is Baun? I see Baun as the next generation of lightweight PHP CMS. It retains all of the awesome, simple features of Pico (no database, markdown file editing, Twig templates etc) while bringing the architecture of the CMS right up-to-date, making heavy use of composer packages, PSR-4 autoloading, modular (not quite DI) core components etc. The aim is to keep Baun user friendly while making it the “Laravel” of PHP CMS’s. I should say that Baun is not an extension of Pico, it is a complete rewrite from the ground up using modern PHP best practices.

Check out Baun