Artisan — Project Management for Software Teams

Published 14th May 2014

Today marks the launch of the public beta of my latest project: Artisan. For quite a while I’ve been looking for an app with the perfect blend of project management and bug/issue tracking. Basically a project management app but one that caters specifically for software teams. After trying a lot of different apps I discovered there simply wasn’t an app that existed that fulfilled all of the criteria I was looking for.

So Artisan was born. See this blog post for a description of what Artisan is and what my goals are for the project. Admittedly Artisan is larger than my normal “side” projects, but it’s one that I think needs to exist, and one that I would use daily.

Due to the added size and complexity of Artisan I’ve taken a slightly different route than normal when making decisions for the app. Not only is the app architectured to scale (building on my experinces from creating Dunked) and it uses fully up-to-date application stack, but I’m also charging from the get-go. In the past I’ve always built freemium apps but with Artisan I want to make something that will be awesome and will last and trying to do that at scale while bootstrapping is very hard. So the public beta is fully wired with subscription billing to try and ensure the future of Artisan.

If you want to keep up to date with what is happening over at Artisan you can follow updates on the blog or follow @artisanapp on Twitter.