Announcing the Closed Beta WordPress Plugin

Published 14th November 2012

Often before you launch a site you want to get some real users in to test the site without allowing access to the rest of the world, normally known as “closed beta” testing.

The Closed Beta WordPress Plugin allows you to turn your site into a “Closed Beta” site where only logged in and approved users will be able to access your normal WordPress site. Any logged out or unapproved users will see the Closed Beta splash page which allows users to “sign up” for approval to access your site.

Features include:

  • Block access to unapproved users
  • Built in User Approval system
  • Custom splash page with signup form
  • Splash page customiser
  • Powerful settings pages
  • Block feeds, trackbacks and XMLRPC
  • No coding required
  • Advanced developer template customisation
  • Powerful custom actions and filters
  • Flexible and extensible plugin architecture
  • Automatic updates
  • Much more…

Check out the Closed Beta WordPress Plugin →