Announcing Handle: A static site generator powered by PHP and the command line

Published 12th April 2016

I love creating static site generators (Pico, Baun). There is something very enjoyable about pulling together popular open source packages and building them into something genuinely useful to help people create websites. It’s like software LEGO! Today I’m happy to announce my latest project, Handle.

What’s different about Handle? Well it’s a PHP based static site generator that is purely a command line interface (CLI). Why CLI?

  • Developer’s already use the command line for other build tools, why not build your entire website as well?
  • It can be integrated with other scripts to fit into your build process wherever you like (e.g. build locally and deploy your site to the server or deploy your site to the server and trigger a build then).
  • Handle generates a complete HTML website. Think of it as the cache level of your site. You don’t even need to run PHP on your server!
  • It doesn’t need a GUI and it doesn’t need to generate pages on the fly, making it fast.

It also has other awesome features like Markdown content editing and Blade templating etc. All in all it’s been great fun to build, and I hope it is great fun to use.

Check out Handle