A Web App Idea

Published 1st August 2013

I’m noting this down as a reminder to myself more than anything else, but I had an idea for a web app today. I love Intercom.io. It’s simple to use and amazingly powerful. Not only are the insights you get of your customers amazing (not to mention custom data segmentation etc) but the in-app messaging is very powerful for getting in touch with your customers and gaining feedback.

So my idea is basically to extend on the Intercom idea. Why not track app analytics while you are at it (you already have the JS installed on the site after all), so you can track events as well as customers to see how they actually use your app. You could also add a simple pageviews/visits dashboard as well so you don’t need to jump into Google Analytics all the time either. Is there even scope here for some A/B testing?

Also what is the point of using an external email marketing tool if all of your customers exist in this app? Why not add some kind of Campaign Monitor style newsletter integration so you can send customised emails to your customers as well as message them “in-app”. Just to make things easy.

I suppose you could even track errors in your web app and log them too (similar to www.exceptional.io.

So basically my idea is this: Intercom + Google Analytics + Campaign Monitor + Exceptional. Easy right?