December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

So it’s that time of year again to look back, take stock and generally be thankful for another year. This year has been very mixed for me with up’s and down’s, however the one thing that has stuck out for me this year is how busy I’ve been.

ThemeZilla & Dev7studios

So I’ve done just over a year now working for ZillaMedia (ThemeZilla). Working from home is great and working for Orman and the team is still an awesome experience. The first thing I did was rebuild the ZillaFramework for scratch which is used in the latest six themes we have released, two of which I was the lead developer on. I also built four of the five free WordPress plugins we released this year. Currently I’m working on a fairly big project which is not a WordPress theme or plugin, but more on that to come in 2013.

It also been a pretty busy year for my own company Dev7studios. In June we completed our first year of trading and I was thoroughly pleased with the $100k+ in profits we made in the first year. This year also saw the addition of a new team member in the form of Iain Poulson. Iain brings some web development muscle to the team which has allowed us release Showcase, Closed Beta, WP Updates and get Sellwire out of beta. All within the last twelve months! We also made our first acquisition this year (carouFredSel) and one of our oldest projects (MakeSomeTime) was acquired. 2013 will continue to bring lot’s of busyness and good stuff from Dev7studios, include a huge new redesign, but more on that in 2013.

This year was also the first time I did some public speaking at the WordUp Inverness conference in October. It was a great experience and my talk was fairly well received.

Personal Life

So work wise 2012 was a busy year. In my personal life there has been much busyness as well, but not always the good sort. January started off with my wife losing her Grandfather, which was an emotional time for the whole family. Then from February till about July my IBS, which I’ve had for the last two years now, flared up and I was unwell for quite a while. My health over these months really was a huge challenge as I’ve never had to deal with any kind of long-term health issues before. So that took its toll.

However things aren’t all bad. We had a Romanian student who came to our church for a few months and it was a blessing getting to know him and a bit of Romanian culture. My cousin got married in July which was a great celebration. My wee sister turned 18 and my wee brother graduated from University which kept the summer eventful. I played lots of football this year which was great to get back into playing a sport. I’ve also lost 3.5 stone in weight over the last year, not intentionally unfortunately (see IBS above), but I’m pleased to say I’m far healthier now for it.

To round off the year on a good note we managed to buy a house which, given the state of the economy/banks/recession here, was no easy task. We are very excited though to be moving into our first house in January. The last 2.5 years in our flat has been great and we will miss it, but it’s good to finally be on the property ladder.

Looking Ahead to 2013

So 2013 will start with a bang as we move house in January. I’m sure work will continue to be busy and there is plenty of awesomeness in the Dev7studios pipeline to keep me busy next year. I’m thankful to God for his leading a guiding in 2012 and pray that 2013 will be no different. I wish you all a happy new year when it comes and best wishes for 2013.

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